Apple Sharp

Apple may have seemed to find a new ally when it comes to supplying (display) materials for its devices. Apparently the company has decided to shift its focus from Samsung (who till now have been one of their key suppliers) to one of its closest rivals, Sharp. The Japanese manufacturer’s have apparently agreed to provide Apple with the next gen line of its HD displays which had been showcased earlier this year. Till now, Apple were receiving display supplies for its products from Samsung, but now it now seems quite clearly that the iPhone maker and the Korean company have been in an increasingly uneasy relationship because of their rivalry in the smartphone market.


Apple and Sharp


According to Horace Dediu, an Asymco analyst, Apple’s total expenditure for the year had relatively increased by approximately $2.3 billion which has led him to believe that the company has made some kind of an investment in its Japanese counterpart. This is what Mr. Dediu had to say,

“My guess is that these attempts to shore up Sharp are directed by Apple to ensure both continuity of supply and a balanced supplier base (offsetting Samsung, another supplier), If Sharp were to enter some form of bankruptcy, the key plant[s] used in producing screens for Apple might be ‘up for grabs’ by creditors and they might be taken off-line, jeopardizing Apple’s production capacity, irrespective of contractual obligations.”

Even though these rumors have still not been confirmed by Apple themselves but we do have a strong reason to believe that these might just be true. Besides all of this, there is another buzz flying around speculating that Apple may also have struck a deal with LG for the provision of some kind of supplies as well. Hmmmm sounds interesting doesn’t it ?