HTC Jelly Bean


HTC have finally dropped the lid on any possible rumors revolving around few of its current (and older) devices which were initially getting ready to get a taste of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean but it now seems that those those rumors have been finally laid to rest. According to a statement released by the Taiwanese manufacturer, those devices which run on 512 MB RAM or less would (unfortunately) not be getting the much awaited update.

Reasons given by the company include the fact that these devices would not be able to match the minimum requirements with that of Android’s flagship OS of 2012 and would make them rather sluggish to operate so to keep themselves on the safe side, the company have decided not to release any official updates for few of its devices including the One V and Desire C both of which feature just 512MB of RAM which is not quite sufficient for the smooth operation of Android Jelly Bean.


HTC Jelly Bean


Now before everyone starts getting too upset, there is a little bit of good news coming on your way. Apparently, those devices having at-least a minimum of 768 MB of RAM would be getting their hands on the next update with the Sensation readying itself for a possible Jelly Bean upgrade sometime this year and would be rolled together with HTC’s very own Sense 4.0.

Well to sum things up, this information is far from a definitive list of what devices are or aren’t getting Android 4.1, but at least gives us a much clearer picture than we had before. Do you think that leaving out handsets with 512MB of RAM or less was a bad move or not ? Do share your insights with us