13 MP camera


Since a last few days, there have been rumors flying around about the possible launch of the fourth installment in Samsung’s impressive line of Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S4 sometime in February or March of the upcoming year. We are still not sure as to how far these rumors are actually true but what we do know for a fact and this might be a very strong indication of what me might see in the upcoming months. Apparently, the device would come fixed with a 13 MP camera sensor which is a big jump from Samsung’s current 8 MP sensors that have been present in both the second and third generation of these amazing (and powerful) devices. We got our hands on a few leaked documents released by Samsung which gives us just a tiny preview as to exactly what we should expect to get in Samsung’s next flagship phone of 2013.


13MP camera


Samsung have a great reputation when it comes to smartphone camera’s and this new adaptation would hopefully follow in the similar footsteps of its predecessors. The Galaxy S4 promises to capture images at a 4208 x 3120 pixel resolution which will require more processing power and more RAM too which means that we might be anticipating at least 2-3 MB of RAM for an overall smoother experience. Till now, these are just a bunch of rumors and I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting to hear a lot of them as we edge closer and closer towards  the end of 2012 and more towards the beginning of 2013 which is shaping up to be another exciting year for gadgets and other cool new devices. Just the thought of it puts a huge smirk on our face doesn’t it ?