Facebook for Android has always been a thorn for the Social Networking giants. Most recently the problems with the app reached at such high levels that the management decided to distribute Apple’s iPhone’s among its employees. The iOS version of the app seemed to be working flawlessly and everything was going all fine and dandy till the day the company decided to revert back to its predecessor. Apparently Facebook wants to get to the root cause of the problems being faced by its official app for Android devices. The company has gone to quite a distance in order to resolve this nagging issue which has seemed to exist since a while now. Facebook employees get to try the latest versions of the app before it starts rolling out for the general public. Their version also has a feature called “Rage Shake”, where the user just shakes their phone when they come across an issue which gets reported automatically.


Facebook Android   Facebook Android


The company feels that until and unless they do not test and run the app themselves, they would not be able to get to the root of the problems that are currently present in their Android app. By doing so, it has now recommended all its employee’s to switch their iPhones with Android devices (no particular Android device name was mentioned though). We can say without a shadow of a doubt that the company has gone an extra mile in its so called “Android Awareness” program by putting up a variety of posters and flyers in promoting Google’s flagship OS which is now running on more than 75% devices world wide.