Technology which once existed only in movies and games may very well seem to come alive sooner then we actually know it. The latest tech news revolves around a group of Scientists from the University of Texas who are on the verge of developing a mobile technology capable to see through walls and other solid objects. Surprised much ? We were too. The technology combines the capturing of an unused “TERAHERTZ” range in the electromagnetic spectrum with a a new microchip capable of reproducing the data.


Tapping the Terahertz Gap


With the help of direct tapping in the terahertz range the future sensors will be much more simple than similar technology used nowadays, as it won’t need the use of several lenses inside a device. The new chip is based on the popular CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) technology, but when combined with terahertz waves it becomes possible for the sensor to capture images behind solid objects like walls and bodies.




These chips are said to be in the development stage as we speak and no further details have been disclosed as yet but what we do know for a fact is that this new found technology is very powerful as it offers limitless uses in construction, medicine, archaeology, document and money authentication and many more fields. The simplicity of the technology also makes it usable in mobile devices, which adds an interesting privacy concern to the matter. We’ll keep you guys posted on any further  developments as they come along.

Source: University of Texas, Dallas