Sprint Galaxy


It’s that time of the year again when everyone is in the spirit of giving each other something or the other. First it was Black Friday where I’m sure all of you living in the States and Canada must have gone berserk with all the hot deals and offers found everywhere. Even though Black Friday is now over, there are a few companies who still are in the gifting mood. With that said, Sprint has an offer which is sure to attract a large fan base of customers. The company is giving a Buy One Get One Free offer on selected Samsung Galaxy devices which include Samsung;s flagship phone of the year the Galaxy SIII, the Galaxy SII and the Galaxy Victory. This amazing offer is starting from Friday the 7th of Dec, 2012 and is going to last till 24th so you’ll be having ample time to grab hold of either of these devices before Christmas and is available on a 2 year contract. So who’s up for it ?