With the launch of Microsoft’s new range of Windows 8 and windows Phone 8 devices, the upcoming year seems to be quite promising for different OEM’s to showcase their respective Windows 8 products. HTC are one of those who are leading the line along with Nokia and Samsung in launching one of their very first range of Windows Phone 8 powered device, the HTC 8S and with that said it has come up with new and innovative ways to market the initial launch. Verizon Mobile Canada along with HTC have gone an extra mile by giving away the devices to their customers free for a month.




Anyone who is willing to participate has to fill out a sign-up form, and the candidates chosen by Virgin Mobile will be given a unit for a period of 1 month. Collecting feedback, of course, is one of the reasons for Virgin to launch its testing program. Smart move on the part of the cellular carrier who are aiming at creating as much awareness about the Windows Phone 8 devices as possible before the new year.