HTC Mini

HTC a while back unveiled its 5 inch power house the HTC J Butterfly, now as everyone knows the chances of mobile theft is very high, so carrying a 5-inch smartphone in your hand would be unwise.  HTC have come up with a solution for this issue, by introducing the HTC mini. As the name suggests the HTC mini is a smartphone for a smartphone.


Basically what it means that with this little accessory connected to your Big smartphone  via Bluetooth you can make calls and receive them as well. The devices also has NFC capability, which shows off some cool features. The device is currently offered in China with the HTC J Butterfly, if you have already purchased the smartphone then you can buy this separately as well. The HTC Mini can also view your call log, calendar and can even navigate through your phone menu if the smartphone is plugged into a HDTV. That’s not all it can also remotely control the HTC J Butterfly in order to take pics as well. The separate cost of this accessory is not sure as yet, but will let you know soon as its out.