The launch of BlackBerry’s OS 10 has been the talk of the town these days with many people getting quite excited and at the same time impatient as to exactly when they might get their hands on the devices running what Blackberry itself likes to call their most “revolutionary” product to-date. The one important thing which was revealed at the official Press Conference was the fact that the OS would be receiving more than 70,000 apps at launch which did raise a few eyebrows to say the least.

With that said, it has now been revealed that more than 60% of the overall apps available for the BlackBerry OS are revamped versions of Android’s “APK” files which should not be considered as anything new or alarming since  the launch of the Blackberry Playbook, Blackberry who was formerly known as RIM  provided a tool that allowed developers to easily port and repackage their Android apps to work on BBOS and with the current launch of BlackBerry’s flagship phone of the year, the company might very well have a few other ideas like this as well.




The implementation of the Android apps onto BlackBerry is actually quite simple as the developers need to only change a few lines of code most of which come designated with the traditional home, search and back buttons which are usually complimented with either  actual buttons or in most cases simply the touch buttons. The BlackBerry 10 has brought with it a few new options which include the different functionality with the gestures which in no sooner time would be at par if not equal to what Android has to currently offer. Personally speaking we wouldn’t take anything away from BlackBerry for bringing (or should we say borrowing) in from Android’s already successful platform running more than 700,000 apps because after all Android is open source. Isn’t it ?