HTC has been resurgent ever since the company launched its One series last year and this can be clearly seen from the instant success of most of devices falling under the One Series including the One X which still remains to be the flagship phone along with the others including the One S, One V and the recently launched Desire X. The one thing common between all these devices is the camera’s image sensor along with HTC’s own photo capturing software. These high-tech lens are comprised of a combination of code and circuitry based on the new ImageSense Chip which offloads the duties from the regular processor to keep the phone and operating system fast and stable. It will leave the camera completely uninterrupted to take quality, impressive photos. This also allows super-fast shooting possible with a 0.7-second shot time and a 0.2-second auto-focus.




Well that was in the past and we should now be looking into the future. Till now the the quality of the cameras were measured in megapixels but from what we are hearing now is that the next generation cameras are going to come equipped with the new technology called “Ultrapixels”. From what we are anticipating, the upcoming HTC M7 which is rumored to have a 13MP camera might very well come equipped with this new technology. According to a few inside scoops, the device would come equipped with the new ImageSense 2.0 chip which would replace the traditional single lens currently found in most of the devices with a set of dual (or even more) 4.3MP cameras capable of capturing  a single image and then merging them all together to form the final picture resulting in cleaner and more sharper images. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it ?

HTC were quite successful in their bid to compete with the other higher end devices with their ImageSense along with the HTC Sense 4 and from what it seems, the upcoming M7 might very well open a gateway for other devices to start adapting the new “Ultrapixels” technology. Ladies and Gentlemen 2013 has just kicked off !