Galaxy S IV browser benchmark

The Galaxy S IV has started to amaze us even before its launch, using  Browser mark 2.0, a browser benchmark test was done, and a device title GT-I9500 beat the rest hands down. It can be safely be suggested that, it is definitely the Galaxy S IV.  Samsung have ofcourse not verified this test, but the ISP is registered  to Samsung India , which suggests it is the real thing.

The GT-I9500 beat all the high powered smart phones in the market to date, include Apple iPhone 5 which came in 2nd place. As the days for the launch creep ever so close, more such news is likely to pick up. Samsung also likes to tease its customers, so it will give clues as to what the Galaxy S IV will be all about. If by any chance this is not the Galaxy S IV, then the rest of the lot better beware, as it looks like a beast is coming!.