The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been highly anticipated since the moment it’s official release date was announced. The flagship device which is set to be unveiled on March 14th in New York promises to bring some of the most exciting never before seen features and one such feature is the all new “EyeScroll” option which actually allows a user to (you guessed it right) scroll through images and other content with just a single scroll of the human eye.  According to the New York Times’ “Bits” blog,

“The phone will track a user’s eyes to determine where to scroll, said a Samsung employee who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. For example, when users read articles and their eyes reach the bottom of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to reveal the next paragraphs of text.”

Samsung Eye Scroll

Samsung has a trend of introducing new and innovative features over the years as it was clearly seen from the launch of the Galaxy S3 which introduced us to “SmartStay”,a first of its kind feature which uses the front-facing camera to determine whether the user was actually looking at the screen and lock it accordingly. At the moment there has been no official word from the Korean giants about the new feature as yet probably due to the fact that Samsung have always have a tendency to keep everything a bit hush hush before any mega launches. We will soon find out if this rumor is actually true or not at the mega event  which is just around the corner.