Even though HTC in recent times have come up against the likes of Apple and Samsung, it still manages to remain a tad behind. One of the man reasons behind this backward trend by the Taiwanese tech giants lies greatly on the fact that through out the years, it has failed to compete with Samsung and other big names in the industry when it comes to marketing their flagship devices and this has been the Achilles heel of HTC since quite some time.

According to a recent survey conducted by the company, one of the major complaints which they had from the customers was that the company was not marketing their products as they should as a result they were not being made aware of. This in-turn resulted in major decline in the companies overall sales volume.





The problem which on paper seems to be relatively quite small and irrelevant but in reality it has major impacts on how the company plans progress in the future; and with that thought in mind, HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Benjamin Ho, plans on revitalizing the company’s approach to marketing beginning with the removal of HTC’s significantly renowned tagline “Quietly Brilliant.”

According to Mr. Ho, HTC’s previous efforts towards marketing their products were (in the words of Mr. Ho himself) not “Loud Enough” and so with the removal of the famous tagline, he wants to bring in a more “Bolder” and “Louder” approach towards marketing the HTC devices.

Furthermore, Mr. Ho states that the digital marketing budget will be increased by 250% and traditional marketing will increase by 100% as compared with 2012 expenditures and from of the look of things, it does appear that HTC is ready to go all out in order to ensure success for its flagship device of 2013, the HTC One.