The Samsung GALAXY Camera was without any doubt a revolution in its own kind which paved a new path for OEM’s to come up with similar devices in the future. Even though everything about the Galaxy Camera makes you love it each time you hold it in your hands, there was one small feature which seemed to be nagging a few user’s and that is for the camera to be actually used as a phone. The Galaxy Camera which gives a full fledged Android Jelly Bean experience on its 4.8″ Super Amoled HD screen and also comes with a 16MP lens which supports upto 21x Optical Zooming lacked a SIM slot hence hindering the device to be actually used as a phone. Well things are about to change now ! Apparently we have heard strong rumors from our friends at SamMobile who are suggesting that the Korean Tech giants are (rumored) to be on the verge of launching a brand new variant to its Galaxy Camera genre called the “Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom” also codenamed the “SM-C1010”


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


The upcoming device would also be having a similar 16MP lens like its predecessor but the biggest let down is the screen size which has been reduced from 4.8 inches to a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display. Other noteworthy features include 8GB of internal storage with an expandable microSD card slot upto 64GB, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and of-course Samsung’s own Touch Wiz Nature UX interface. Details about the RAM and Processor have not been disclosed as yet so now what needs to be seen here is the fact that whether Samsung would yet again go with a heavy punch just as it has done with the recently launched Galaxy S4 or would it opt for a lighter hand ? We’ll soon find out when the device gets launched sometime in June or July most notable in two color variants, black and white. We’ll be doing an in-depth review of the device once it gets officially launched.