Launchers have been one of the most unique and fun filled features of Android and one of the many reasons why a person prefers to opt for an Android over any other device. With these amazing launchers, you can literally transform your device into anything you want. If you get bored of looking at your similar looking home screen day in and day out you could easily change the whole look of it with just a single click of a button. Its that simple ! Now what if we have a launcher that can do all that plus a little bit more ? What if it can actually understand your every move and know all your intentions ? Well with the new Everything.me launcher all this is possible plus a lot more. Everything.me Home is a launcher that turns your smartphone into a Dynamic Phone….Literally. All you need to do is just think about it and your phone instantly adapts to you.


everything.Me Launcher     everything.Me Launcher


Let’s say you want to watch a movie, you enter the name of the movie and the phone will instantly transform the background of your homepage to that of the current movie that is being played along with all the apps related to the movies’s info will start self-assembling on the screen and ready to use. Tapping any of the respective apps would directly open the content of the movie that you were looking for such as further insights about the actor/actress, the movie’s director, plot info etc etc.

everything.Me Launcher     everything.Me Launcher


This is just one of many possibilities that can be achieved with this amazing new launcher. Not only is it fun but also at the same time its quite useful and interactive. Let us now take a quick look at some of the key features that the new launcher has to offer;


Main Features

Understanding your intent

Smartphones aren’t really that smart. They might be as powerful as a computer, but they don’t really understand you. They might not get the difference between Madonna the singer and the holy Madonna when all you want is to listen to some music, and they might show you games instead of nearby restaurants when all you want is sushi. If smartphones were so smart, you wouldn’t have to work so hard to find relevant content when you need it. With the Everything.me launcher, all you have to do is enter whatever’s on your mind – one or two words will usually do – and it’ll understand and get it for you.


everything.Me Launcher


Every app you’ll need

Things are simpler with a Dynamic Phone launcher: from the get-go, it brings you every app you’ll ever need, native or web.


everything.Me Launcher

Launch in context

With an ordinary, static smartphone, your work’s never done. Even when your apps are lined up all nice and tidy you still have to search inside them for the stuff you want. A Dynamic Phone is smarter – so smart, in fact, that it asks other apps for the content you’re looking for. For example, if you’re shopping for a new digital camera, just enter the name of the camera and all the relevant shopping apps will appear. Click on any of the apps, and it will open directly into the content you wanted – reviews, price comparisons, you name it.


everything.Me Launcher

Smart Folders

Managing and maintaining your apps is a technical and logistical challenge. You need to search, install, register, log in, provide location, update, forget… Apps demand your attention, cognition, awareness, memory etc. A Dynamic Phone works for you, not vice versa. You have pre-loaded Smart folders full of apps you use all the time – news, social, music, games and more. Every folder is instantly ready-to-use and dynamically updated. Your stuff is still here. You might be asking yourself: now that my phone is Dynamic, where’s all my static stuff? Well it’s still all here, accessible at the touch of a button.


everything.Me Launcher

The app currently in its beta stage is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Feel free to share your views on this new launcher in the comments section below. Cheers !!