Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Unpacked 2013 in Berlin kicked off in style yesterday with Mr. J.K Shin, president of Samsung mobile communications presenting the world with the all new “Samsung Galaxy Note 3”.The highly anticipated phone (or rather phablet) is a noteworthy successor to the Galaxy Note 2 that was released last year and who also managed to take the world by storm with some of its unique and exciting features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Note 3 features a 5.7-inch, full HD 1920×1080 AMOLED display which is slightly bigger than its predecessor the Galaxy Note 2 that sports a 5.5-inch (720p) display. Besides the slightly bigger screen, the Note 3 is comparatively slimmer and lighter measuring at 8.3mm and weighing just around 168g.

Galaxy Note 3

Coming to the hardware, the Note 3 comes in two different CPU variants: a 2.3 GHz quad-core (LTE) and a 1.9 GHz Octa-core (3G version available only in selected countries). Another big talking point of the Note 3 is its massive 3GB RAM which perfectly supports the phone’s powerful processing capabilities. All this power requires a top notch battery and that’s exactly what the Note 3 has to offer. It comes with a rather decent 3,200mAh battery which promises to last a whole day even on heavy usage. The Note 3 also features compatibility with the fourth generation of 4G LTE, currently one of the fastest when it comes to mobile internet connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera

The device comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera with the rear lens capable of recording full length Ultra HD videos in 1080p at 30fps, while also taking slow motion videos at 120fps. The front camera also records video in 1080p HD. One of the major criticisms which Samsung devices usually tend to face is the cheap plastic texture used in these high end devices with people expecting something a little more classy looking…to say the least. It seems that this issue has been resolved with the Note 3 which comes wrapped in a stylish looking textured, leather-effect rear edged in fake stitching enclosure with a classy looking metal rim.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


What distinguishes the Note devices from the rest is the S Pen; a stylus which fits snuggly in the bezel of your device. The world was introduced to the S Pen when the first Samsung Phablet the Galaxy Note was released in 2011 and it has been greatly enhanced ever since. The S Pen is not just an accessory; it is the ying to the Note’s yang. The moment you take out the S Pen from the Note an Air Command wheel pops up on the screen on top of a webpage, app or home-screen. If you have closed this wheel and open it again, you just need to hover the S Pen on the screen and press the button on the it. The Air Command wheel brings you five options:

  1. Action Memo: To write quick notes.
  2. Scrapbook:  Use the S Pen to circle content and save it for later use, could be an interesting quote from an article or even content shown on a YouTube video. Scrap book organizes the content so that it can easily be viewed later on.
  3. Screen Write: This is feature basically lets you capture the screen, but not only that you can then write on the captured image as well.
  4. S Finder: It is Samsung’s very own internal search engine, helping you look for old messages, documents or any app in the phone.
  5. Pen Window: If you have ever used a Samsung tablet, then you will surely love this feature. Open Pen Window then draw a square of any size on the screen, a box pops up with eight icons. These include, a calculator, YouTube, phone, contacts, browser, clock, ChatOn and Google Hangouts. Imagine you are reading an article of a movie and you want to see its trailer, then just open Air Command > Pen Window > Draw a Box > YouTube. It is as simple as that!



The Note 3 brings Multitasking to a whole a new level, when Multi Window was introduced in the Note II; the large display was perfect for using two apps at one time. Well with Note 3, Samsung have gone a step ahead. Now you can use a single app twice, meaning one on each side of the screen, this makes sense no? Well imagine you are chatting with two friend using ChatOn, then you do not need to keep switching between the chat windows; you can talk with both at the same time. As more apps are getting developed to support Multi Window, this feature is truly a right step in the future.

Note 3 Screen Share

Samsung when they introduced the Galaxy S4 they brought with it a feature called Group Play where you can sync two Galaxy S4’s to use the second device as a extended speaker, with the Note 3 they have gone a step ahead. Using the large 5.7 Full HD display, now you can share your screen, meaning one video or picture shown on two Note 3 devices, basically like an extended screen.

Below is the comparison of the Note II and the Note 3 at a glance:

 Galaxy Note 3 Compare

The Note 3 will be hitting the US carriers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, and T-Mobile first; the Phablet will be available in three colors Black, White and Blush Pink on 25 September in 149 countries, while the rest of the world will get their hands on the device in October.