Now a days your whole world is stored in the palm of your hands, be it your smartphone or tablet. Some people love to take pictures, some love to hear music while others have their important contacts, point being that the data stored in our devices carry great value for us. So when you lose that device, then years of data just vanishes into thin air. What if you do not have to worry about that ever again? Thanks to the developers Genie9, now you can back up all those memories and important data to a very secure cloud location.

G Cloud Backup

GCloud Backup is an app which backs up all your contacts, messages, call log, photos, music and videos stored on your Android Smart Phone or Tablet to Amazon AWS Cloud with military grade 256-AES encryption. So if you lose your device you can have everything back.  Not only that but you can get data from another device and put all that info in a new device without any hassle as well, so normally the worry of losing contacts is gone too!

GCloud Backup

You start of with 1 GB of cloud storage capacity but you can keep on increasing it via inviting more friends or sharing it on Facebook or twitter. So you will not be running out of space any time soon. You can customize when you want it to back up your data so you do not to worry about your network data being sapped daily due to its continuous working in the background.  It does not need a rooted device, but if you do have one, then it can even backup game saves as well so you do not have to start a game all over again. So, What are you waiting for? Hit over to the Play Store and download the app for free now!