Ever since we have been hit by the tablet tsunami, it has literally taken over the world by storm. These days’ tablets are available in all shapes and sizes with people opting to choose whichever best fulfill their preferences. As mentioned earlier the tablets come in various storage capacities with the largest one being a 64GB variant and the lowest one being an 8GB one. Things are about to change or should I rather say improve for the better with the introduction of the Ultra Mobile HDDs manufactured by Seagate.

The hard drive measures in at just a mere 5mm making it relatively easy to accommodate in almost any tablet without the need of sacrificing much of its thickness. One of the best features about the new found drives are not just the thickness and the durability but also their overall storage capacities that could go up to a staggering 500GB. Surprised much? Well you should be, considering the fact that till now these large hard drives were only available in notebooks.


Now the main question that arises in everybody’s mind is whether these new drives would be good on performance or not? To answer that, Seagate’s software is going to make all the difference. Though this is a HDD, Seagate’s Dynamic Data Driver will make the hard drive use about the same energy as a 64 GB tablet. Meanwhile, it performs as well as a 16 GB tablet.

Even though cloud computing is on an all time high these days, it seems fitting for companies to come up with devices (specially tablets) with hard drives having larger storage capacities for those who still prefer to go with the traditional way of saving their data. The new drives are expected to arrive in tablets sometime next year but till now there is no official confirmation as to which manufacturer would like to opt for it first. Stick around for more details!!