Beats and HTC part ways

Looks like it’s the end of the road for HTC and Beats Audio. The Taiwanese tech giants have officially announced the sale of its 25% stake amounting to around $265 million in Dr Dre’s Beats Audio back to the company in which it had invested a few years ago. Even though there is no apparent reason given by either entity, we are assuming that both parties had different plans for the future and neither one of them never actually saw eye to eye with each other.

What’s left unclear now is the fact whether HTC would still be focusing on their existing devices having Beats Audio with future updates for its BoomSound technology currently present in their flagship device, the HTC One. HTC currently has a long list of devices running Beats Audio and what needs to be seen now is whether these would be taken care of in the future or not. We’ll keep you guys posted if something else comes up.