Nexus 5 Google Play Store live

Google seem to be slowly slipping out leaks for their much awaited Nexus 5 smartphone.  Earlier we saw a glimpse of it on the Google Play Store (See picture below), but it was removed shortly after. This really ignited the anticipation of all those who are waiting anxiously for the device. Now was this a slip up or a smart move from their part?

Nexus 5 Google Play Store

Another leak has just popped up with the device looking exactly the same as the one found on the Google Play Store, expect for one difference. The Nexus 5 on the box is “White”, while the one on the Play Store was ‘Black’. So, we know that the device has a White variant as well.

Nexus 5 leak

The smartphone doesn’t seem to be completely white though only the front part of it is, while the back still remains black. So it would be interesting to see if Google take a page from their Moto X then we might see more colors for the Nexus 5, but personally Black is Black, What do you think? What color Nexus 5 would you want?