Snapdragon Booth

Slow-mo and bullet time effects have been my personal favorite since they first emerged on the big screens way back in 1999-2000. Since then, this technology has been adopted in various video games as well such as the Max Payne series who was the pioneer of bringing the bullet time effect into existence. When it comes to slow motion in movies, the first name that pops in our minds is the Matrix trilogy that revolutionized the meaning of the word by introducing some of the coolest looking slow-mo bullet time effects ever to be seen in a motion picture.

Snapdragon Processor – smart phone battery life.

Now you must probably be wondering as to why we are talking about special effects used in movies and games on a tech blog right? By now I’m pretty sure we all know about Qualcomm and it’s amazing range of Snapdragon chipsets mostly used in recent smartphones and tablets. The company is now willing to put their powerful processors to the ultimate test, in a way that is sure to leave you guys all surprised and excited at the same time. Trust me.

Snapdragon Booth

To showcase the raw power of Qualcomm’s SoCs, the chipset maker built what they’re calling the Snapdragon Booth which is going to be exhibited in different cities in the coming weeks. The rig is comprised of 130 HTC One (sure to make HTC One owners quite happy) handsets, and using a special custom made Android app; they’re able to take a snap-shot in time, spiraling around subjects in 540 degrees. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? The company has promised to continue their Snapdragon Booth tour in several cities across the United States and have also set up an online poll  where you can vote for your city and if it gets the highest votes, you would be the lucky ones to see the booth first.

Snapdragon Booth


Check out the video to get a better understanding of what the booth actually is and what it has to offer. You can check out some of the most eye catching snapshots uploaded on the company’s official website and also join in the conversation on facebook and twitter using #SnapdragonBooth

Way to go Qualcomm !!