Cyanogen Inc. has started the day with some amazing news, three of them actually on their Google+ account. A  new apk, news for their upcoming Custom ROM and a teaser that has made everybody start guessing. Get the whole low down below:

Cyanogen Inc. Joins Hands with a Mystery Partner:

Cyaogen Inc News

According to sources Cyanogen has confirmed that they have a new hardware partner. Meaning a OEM running a CM ROM out of the box. This is great news for the developer community as we have all, known and loved the customization possibilities the CM ROMs provide. They were not willing to give any more hints as to who the new partner is, but according to rumors there is a high chance it could be Oppo, as they already have a device that comes with CM ROM out of the box, the Oppo N1.

CyanogenMod (CM) 11 in Final Stages:



Cyanogen Inc. has confirmed that their new CM 11 ROM is under final stages and will be available as a nightly very soon. The post on Google+ was:

We are in the final preparation stages for CM 11 nightlies as well – you crackflashers will have something to play with soon.

For those who do not know CM 11 is based on the all new Android 4.4 KitKat OS. If you want to have a feel of it there is an unofficial CM11 build that you can try out. Be warned though it is a bit buggy.

AirPlay Mirroring and Screen Recording Test apk:


Cyaogen Inc News

The developers at Cyanogen Inc. have been busy building ROMs and apks. Recently they have come out with a test version of a screen recording app and AirPlay Mirroring which is similar to Miracast found on most high end devices. This basically helps you display whatever you are seeing on your device on a bigger screen, when connected on the same wireless network. Even though the apk is still in beta testing stage, you can have a crack at it from the download link below.

The screen recording function will be good for people who like to make tutorial videos or How to’s for people who need the occasional help. Their official post stated:

To use screen recording, it is very similar to screenshots. Instead of volume down + power (screenshot), press volume up + power. A notification will pop up that notifies you that your screen is being recorded. You can enable showing touches, and also stop the recordings. Recordings are saved to /sdcard/MirrorRecordings.

To use airplay mirroring, go into Settings, displays, Wireless Displays. It will scan for airplay devices. Pick one, and it will mirror your screen.

There’s some bugs with the NSD Service in Android itself, which I need to fix. Causes hard hangs/NPEs in the framework. So if your airplay stops working after a while, a reboot will fix it.


This will NOT work on any devices that don’t support MiraCast, like the Galaxy Nexus. Your phone is too damn old.

So Cyanogen Inc has been really busy and seems we are in for a few surprises in the coming week. Be sure we will be covering when anything comes up.

AirPlay Mirroring and Screen Recording in CyanogenMod: Download Link