Streaming content seamlessly on a bigger screen has been the wish of alot of people but sadly, a few hiccups were found on the way. They were more or less gone when Google introduced to the world to Chromecast.  A device that could enable even a non smart TV to stream content on it. Google later put a lock on third party apps for the device, which was sad to see. Due to this a lot of developers were left hanging.

Then Google did something miraculous, they released the official API, giving developers a rope to hold on too. One such developer Koushik Dutta used this to develop his very own version of the All Share app. The app lets you stream content to Xbox, Roku Box, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV’s or in other words any DLNA – capable device. the best part is that you DO NOT need to ROOT your device.

The app is still under beta mode but it works really well, the current beta version is 7 Koushik though has joked about the beta app to “self destruct” on December 1st. So either the app will be taken down from the server or we might see a final version, either way if you want to try this app, then head over to the link provided below.

Download Link: