It was rumored that Cyanogen Inc. were working on a secure messaging service, with the help of TextSecure. It is messaging service which keeps the messages encrypted, so that only if the receiver has the TextSecure app then only he can decrypt the message.

This app is available for Android as well as iOS, but the draw back here is, in order to avail this service you would have to have the app on both the devices.  Cyanogen Inc have tried to one-up this by integrating this feature into their OS itself. So you can use any messaging app and still use this “WhisperPush”service.

Whisperpush Cyanogen Whisperpush

Also if you are a service user and the person you are sending the text to is not, the message will not be encrypted when he or she receives it. This service will work cross platform as well, so if you want to keep your conversation secure then this is the thing you want. On a more serious note, this will help stop leakage of important messages or emails from nosy eavesdroppers.

The service has started with today’s CM10.2 nightly update, and also CM 11 nightly, so if you happen to have either one, have you given it a try?