Telus Twitter Powered Vending Machine

The Canadian Telecom Giant Telus started a campaign for the preservation of Canadian wildlife. The campaign which launched on November 18 is a part of Telus’s $1million, four year deal with the World Wildlife Fund. Direct and Digital mediums, both are used for this campaign, which include a TVC, print ads, out of home marketing and use of various social networks. Twitter in particular is a major platform for their entire campaign.

Telus Twitter Powered Vending MachineTelus Twitter Powered Vending Machine

Telus placed a vending machine at Pacific Centre in Vancouver, which was filled with stuffed pandas. Pandas were chosen as they are the on official WWF logo as well, so as to increase brand recall. Well the unique part about this vending machine was that you have to tweet with the hashtag #hometweethome on its little purple display screen and a stuffed panda toy gets pushed out of the machine. Each tweet a person does with this hashtag $1 is donated to WWF from Telus.

Telus seems to love its critters do you?