The recently concluded Mobile World Congress was full of surprises with the biggest one coming in from Nokia with the announcement of their very first devices based on the core Android architecture, the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. The Finnish cellular giants had for long kept their distance from Google’s platform which has taken over the world by storm and is still continuing to do so as we speak. With that said, even though the new devices are developed using the Android platform, they tend to be somewhat different from you usually tend to see in your other Android devices. On the day of its launch, Nokia specifically mentioned that that both the devices would be having their own customized features and would also be supporting third party stores with no mention of Google Play in any of the discussions which technically meant that there would be no access to any of the Google Apps (G-Apps) like Google Now, Google Maps, Google Now Launcher, most importantly the Google Play Store.

Nokia X Rooted

Nokia X Rooted

Now here’s the best part. No matter how hard you try concealing from the world, at the end of the day the device is actually running on Android isn’t it…which clearly means that even if anybody says its not possible to this or that…..we all know that eventually there is going to be a solution to everything. On that note, one of our friends at XDA Developers was able to run an old and well known exploit (Gandalf) to obtain root on the Nokia X. After that, he simply installed a file system explorer that can read system partitions, such as Root Explorer, and manually pushed all of the standard Google applications on to Nokia X’s system directory. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? So there you have it guys, you must have heard of an old saying that goes something like this. “where there is a will..there is a way” and in this case there are a lot of things we can (and will) do once the devices start rolling out in a few months. This is probably one of the main reasons why we just can’t seem to get over our favorite little green robot can we? 😉