Catherine Ashley is a director of a leading online marketing and SEO company in Singapore. They have their client base in the entire world and are gradually making a big name of their brand. She has lived all her life in Singapore and today would be talking about the technological developments that has happened in Singapore right from the beginning.

The technological developments in Singapore began somewhere around 1943 when there was a need felt for developing the modes of transportation which already were popular in the west. As the years kept on passing, the speed of technological developments increased and then there was an era when these developments were categorized in big and small scale developments. After this development a few decades passed and IT was developed. People these days use search engines very popularly but it was not a case in those years since the term wasn’t even invented.

The boom of technology not only created a lot of job opportunities in Singapore but also started to attract a lot of people from other parts of the world as well. Since our rate of development was much higher in comparison to the other developing countries, we were seen as an employment and technological development’s hub by then. With the digitization in this area and the developments of internet and hence search engines, the competition in the world increased. The need of using seo services then raised.

You should be aware of the fact that in a survey done by a global IT report, Singapore was ranked on the second position as we use the IT most effectively while Finland was the first one who defeated us by a very low margin. Now its time we move ahead and climb towards the top. This can only be done if more and more awareness is created about search engine optimization.

The combination of technology and digital marketing can help us achieve anything and everything in the world if used correctly. While I feel this is just a start, and there is a long way that we still need to cross in order to become the masters of technology all over the world.


Ashford works with the leading dailies of Singapore and looks after the technology department.

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