Samsung Gear Solo

Following the successful launch of the Gear 2, Gear Neo and the Gear Fit, Samsung are now working on another device currently known as the Samsung Gear Solo. Rumors have already begun to surface out of the Korea Herald about Samsung’s next big entry in the smartwatch genre and by the looks of it this might just be the “Ultimate” Smart-watch yet.

Now what is so great about this new watch you ask? Well if the rumors that we’ve heard are correct then the Solo would actually be the very first smart-watch to incorporate a SIM  card. From what we are contemplating, the Gear Solo could might just be a stand-alone device which could be used as a full fledged phone without the need of actually possessing a smartphone (which is the case with the current line of Samsung smart-watches). The wearable device will enable users to make and receive calls without syncing it with any smartphones.

We’re still not sure whether these rumors are actually true or not but whatever the case maybe we’ll keep you guys updated on any further developments so do stick around for more. Cheers!