HTC One M8

During this fast paced war of  smartphones, facing each other in the epic of battles, be it processor power or how many more mega pixels your camera smartphone has etc. It is the little things which most people tend to over look until they have bought the product and then they realize it. Did my phone just lag? That is one thing which is crucial for any user to get the best experience he/she can have of his/her mobile device.

You may have heard some people around you, or you might have experienced it yourself, that how iOS is so smooth and is the best when it comes to a lag free experience. They were probably right, until last year when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 (67ms) and beat the latency score of Apple’s iPhone 5/5s (75ms). This year, it may be a bit hard to believe but, the all new HTC One (M8) has shattered all the previous records and according to French tech blog Lesnumeriques,  the M8 scored 46ms screen latency.

Well as the competition gets hotter, we will be seeing devices with a better score and giving us users a much smoother experience.  Microsoft is one company which is working on a Zero latency program, so if you think the HTC One M8 is smooth, then you can not even begin to imagine what that would be. Well the future seems to be really bright in this domain and congratulations seem to be in order for the HTC team as well. So, is that one more reason to get the new HTC One (M8)?