How to root a Nokia X

Ever since Nokia announced their new line of Nokia X Android devices a couple of months back, the company has again managed to step in the limelight. Even though both the Nokia X and Nokia XL are based on the open source Android architecture, it does manage to distinguish its self from your traditional Android devices that include a few modifications and limitations imposed by the Finnish cellular giants that include Nokia’s own customized app store instead of the regular Google Play which is found on every Android device out there as yet and a bunch of other things as well. This little notion did disappoint a few potential buyers who wanted to give the Nokia X devices a try but were held back due to these minor drawbacks.

Well you won’t be disappointed anymore. The beauty of Android devices is that no matter how complicated they are, they all have one thing in common which is the Kernel Open Source architecture that enables various possibilities for Rooting and replacing the original firmware with that of your liking. This is one of the main reasons for which the platform is so much adored and appreciated by not just developers but users in general as well.

When it comes to rooting, the first name that springs in mind is XDA who throughout the years have managed to come up with solutions for almost all our Android related problems. With that said, our good friends ar XDA have yet again managed to impress us all with their latest rooting solution for the Nokia X devices which would then allow you to install any custom ROM of your choice. For those of you who are interested in rooting their devices need to follow these simple steps:

1. Download Framaroot.apk fromĀ here
2. Install it & Open
3. Click on Grandalf
4. Reboot your device

So there you have it folks, for all those who want to give their Nokia X device a new look can now easily do it using these simple aforementioned steps. If you want to make your Android device feel more androidy then you here is a quick guide of installing Google Apps on your device. We would like to hear your views on it and if you have any trouble during or post installation then do feel free to drop a query in our comments section below. Cheers !!

Note: Rooting would void your device’s warranty so do it at your own risk. Talk Android Phones would not be responsible for any damages incurred during or after the rooting process. Thank you.