Apple acquires Beats for $3 Billion

What do you get when a tech giant joins forces with one of the best music accessory makers around? Something pretty extraordinary! American tech giants Apple have opened their wallets to acquire Beats for $3 Billion.

“Music is such an important part of all of our lives and holds a special place within our hearts at Apple,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “That’s why we have kept investing in music and are bringing together these extraordinary teams so we can continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world.”

No future plans for this alliance, has been yet announced, but most likely be catering to the next gen iPods for one. The deal will be officially closed till the end of the year (Q4). Not to forget though Beats has a partnership with Hewlett Packard as well. So what will happen to that? Will they part hands? Any further news, we’ll keep you updated. If you’d like to read the full press release, then just head on over to the link below.

Press Release