HTC One M8 Verizon


HTC have really outdone themselves this time around with their flagship device of the year the HTC One M8, the very impressive and robust sequel to last year’s quite successful HTC One M7. For those of you who are planning on buying one anytime soon would soon be having two new color options to choose from especially if you are contracted with US cellular network giants Verizon. Besides the traditional three base colors viz Gunmetal Grey, Silver and Amber Gold, Verizon users would have access to two of its latest color variants: Glamor Red and their own customized version of Amber Gold.

The new color schemes are actually part of a special promotion for Father’s day and if that’s not all to make your dad a happy camper, Verizon are also offering an out and out $100 slash off its $199.99 two-year contract price for a limited time only in the spirit of celebrating Father’s Day. As far as the device’s tech specs are concerned, there are no major changes. Verizon have said that the devices would be made available starting from June 5th. So if you want to make your old man happy, then this offer seems to be the perfect Father’s Day present.