Nokia X2

News of The Nokia X family expecting a sibling in a few weeks time is going pretty wild lately. Microsoft seem to have continued with their Android smartphone venture according to news coming from our sources.  After acquiring  Nokia, Microsoft has shifted its main focus to Windows Phone devices, but it also has Android powered Nokias as well. Not to long ago Nokia now owned by Microsoft had launched the Nokia X , Nokia X+ and Nokia XL smartphones. Now, Microsoft are getting ready to launch the second generation of their Android powered device rumored to be called the “Nokia X2”.

The Nokia X2 are rumored to have almost similar hardware specs to its predecessor, expect for a few differences. The main one being the bump in the RAM from 512Mb to 1GB. The screen size also increases to 4.3 inches and you get a VGA front facing camera as well. Other specs include a 5MP camera at the back and is powered by a Dual-Core Snapdragon 1.2 GHz processor.  As Microsoft tend to cover up their android device with their Windows Phone like theme, so not sure as to what version of Android this device will be running on.

The Nokia X2 will not have the Google Play Store like its predecessor , but like with any Android device, it can always be rooted! According to Microsoft the next gen Android powered Nokia will be unveiled in a few weeks time, so we might probably see it by end of June or beginning of July.