Live on YouTube app - by Xperia

People who are waiting to get their hands on the Sony Xperia Z2, now  have one more reason to get the waterproof smartphone. Recently we found out that Sony is updating the Xperia Z2 with an app which can broadcast live streaming straight from the device.  The app is called “Live on YouTube” and you can use this app to broadcast live on YouTube anywhere in the world. How cool is that, right?

Live on YouTube app - by Xperia

Live Streaming being Shown in the Pic Above

This is a really handy tool for all those bloggers who are attending live events, and want to set up a live feed for their very own review. This may mean, that recording videos is becoming a thing of the past? Not entirely sure that is the case, because you will need a pretty fast data connection to be able to live stream. Not only that, keep a backup power supply ready, be it a power bank or an extra battery, as this will definitely drain the juice from your device very quickly.

The app works for Xperia Z2 or any device running an Xperia Z2 Custom ROM, you can get this app on the Play Store for free, but if it is still not available in your region then you can always sideload it from the link provided below.

 Play Store Link

Direct Download

Note: You will need to enable “Live Events” in the YouTube settings first.