Inbox by Gmail has been the hottest topic on the web these days, with Google trying to revolutionize how we use our email. Emails can get quite hectic at times, with loads of them piling up and worst part is that one important mail getting lost in the tons of notifications from your social websites. Inbox tries to change all that, with a very clean look and a new bundling system, which helps to keep things organized.

Inbox by Gmail Inbox by Gmail

Pinning, Snoozing and Done

Inbox does not require you to make a separate email address, it works on your existing Gmail account. The app has a couple of new features to talk about, so lets dive right into them. There is a pinning feature, which basically works as the Star function on Gmail for separating important mails. Once the mail is pinned, you can access it at any time with just a press of the pin toggle at the top right of the screen. There you can also set a reminder for that email for future use. Next is snoozing, this makes the email hide for a particular period of time. So, for example your on holiday and want to get notified about that important email when you get back, just snooze the mail away till then. Further more you can even set it to appear at a particular location like work and home. Then finally there’s the done button which works as the archive feature on Gmail, so when your through with that email, just send it away. This helps a lot in reducing clutter.

Inbox by Gmail Inbox by Gmail


Gmail came with the feature of tabs, which helped tremendously in keep your inbox organized at all time. Inbox steps it up a notch with its Bundle feature, where it automatically sends similar mails to there respective bundles (folders) . The best part is that now you will not need to choose each and every mail individually to keep them, meaning just one tick press and all the mails in the bundle get highlighted, then pin the ones you want to keep and get rid (Snooze or done) of the rest.

Inbox by Gmail Inbox by Gmail

Reminders and Highlights

Inbox also wants you to keep your appointments in order so settings reminders has never been easier and they all show at the top of your inbox, so you will never miss them again. Lastly there is highlights where Inbox scans your mails and highlights those which it thinks are important, such as travel e-ticket mails, or purchase recites. This does re-affirm the fact, that Google does read all your emails, a bit scary if you think about it.

How to get it

Google has played the “INVITE ONLY” card when it comes to Inbox, so if you do not have an invite yet, sadly you can not use it. Fret not though just send an email at “” and you will get the invite in a few days. Another way though is to ask your friends who are already using the app, each new user gets 3 invites to give to their friends or family.

Note: This is not the Material Design version of the Gmail App. The Gmail app is still alive and kicking and will keep on continuing to be in the near future too.

Play Store Download Link: Inbox by Gmail