CyanogenMod has started to roll out CM 12 a.k.a Lollipop to a lot of devices, including the Galaxy S5, HTC M8, Nexus 6 and so on. Daily, more and more devices are able to enjoy Cyanogen’s take on the stock android build of Lollipop. Though many are still anxiously waiting for it to reach their devices. If people like me are still waiting and can’t wait any longer, there are plenty of unofficial CM12 builds all over the net. One in particular is made for a 4 year old device, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Unofficial CM12 ROM - Galaxy S2 Unofficial CM12 - Lollipop - Galaxy S2

Those of you who still have this bad boy, can now breathe new life into the phone. Thanks to an XDA User Lysergic Acid, who posted the pure, yet unofficial CM 12 build of Lollipop 5.0.2. After using it for a week, the build seems to be quite stable for daily use, even though it is still under beta stage. Running the Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) on Lollipop is a great experience. All the animations that come with the ROM are really appealing and just fun to use. The ROM is not very heavy on the battery as well, so that is a plus point always. No crashes in any apps so far as well. One thing the developer himself has mentioned that the camera app still has issues recording High Definition (HD) videos.  So, just change the settings to 480p and your good to go. I’m sure this will be corrected in future builds.

Unofficial CM12 - Lollipop - Galaxy S2 Unofficial CM12 - Lollipop - Galaxy S2

Now if you want to try this, then you will be need to root your device. Rooting the device voids warranties and Talk Android Phones, XDA Developers and Lysergic Acid take no responsibility if you happen to brick your device while rooting it.

If your up for it then, just follow the step by step guide below:

  1. Make backup of all your data
  2. Download the ROM and GAPPS  files from the source link and put it in your internal or external storage.
  3. Reboot the phone into recovery. (You will have to be using KitKat compatible recovery)
  4. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  5. Wipe Cache
  6. Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
  7. Mounts and Storage > Format/System
  8. Install Zip > and choose the CM12 ROM file (Takes around 4-5 minutes to install)
  9. Install Zip > GAPPS file (Takes a 2-3 mintues)
  10. Reboot System and Enjoy!!

Unofficial CM12 - Lollipop - Galaxy S2 Unofficial CM12 - Lollipop - Galaxy S2

The initial boot up takes longer than usual, so do not worry if it takes a good 5 minutes to start. If you have done everything as mentioned, then you will have no problems in installing this ROM. Let us know in our comments below if you happen to install the ROM. Happy Flashing! 🙂

Source: XDA Developers