Google Play Store 5.4 Google Play Store 5.4

The Google Play Store has under gone a number of changes since the time of KitKat and now Lollipop. The entire Play Store got a over haul with colored tabs, and a whole new minimalistic view of individual apps, movies, books etc. Well, Google are at it again, but this time it is only for devices running Lollipop (Android 5+). This update brings the Google Play Store to version 5.4.10.

Google Play Store 5.4 Google Play Store 5.4

This time the change is not that much, but it is subtle change that everybody would welcome. What they have done is made the status bar transparent, which means bigger screen size. So, more information can be viewed on the screen without having to scroll. Now, if you want this neat little update for your device and do not want to wait then, click on the link below, Enjoy!

Download: Google Play Store 5.4.10