Adblock plus or ABP has been a savior for us since quite a long time as an extension for web browsers on the desktop. Its job is simple, to load web pages without any pesky advertisements. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the web page without having to continuously closing ad pop ups.

AdBlock Browser AdBlock Browser

The makers of ABP have now entered an all new terrain, they have come up with their very own AdBlock Browser for Android.  The browser is built along the lines of Mozilla FirFox, so users already using that browser will be even more happy using the AdBlock Browser.  Currently it is only in a Beta stage, and not available on the Play Store yet. Worry not, as they have put up a direct download link on their Google+ page.

AdBlock Browser AdBlock Browser

I have been using this browser since morning and still have yet to find a crash or lag in browsing the web pages. Its refreshing to see the webpages without any ads on your smartphones now as well.

So all those who want to beta test it can do it via the link below or a QR code of the apk, which ever you prefer.

Download Link: AdBlock Browser Beta