KFC tray keyboard

Now here’s something that would definitely raise a lot of curiosity when you see it with your own eyes. Technology these days as we know has taken the world by storm isn’t it? Well no one actually expected the storm to hit a place as simple as your friendly neighborhood fast food joint such as KFC.

The world renowned fried chicken joint all over Germany have come up with this new and unique concept of integrating technology into one of the most commonly used items when you go to any fast food outlet. A food tray!! You heard that right guys…these high tech trays have Bluetooth keyboards built inside which are thin enough to fit under a microfilm slit similar to the advertising sheets most commonly placed on food trays.

The keyboards can easily be paired with your smartphone or tablet and can be used in a multiple number of ways like when you’re chatting with your friends on WhatsApp, or making changes to a presentation while you’re munching away on that nice big juicy Zinger. So the next time you’re in Germany and want to enjoy a nice meal without making much of a mess on your device’s screen, then make sure to visit one of the KFC outlets. Let’s see what the other fast food franchises have in store for us next. Stick around for more!!