Android Wear

Android Wear is set to get another update as early as August. Currently the Android Wear watches are running on Android  5.1.1. No official information has come out yet, but our friends at Phandroid have managed to get their hands on a leaked copy.  According to the documents provided by Google, the next Android Wear will come with “Single Tap Gesture”, which allows for various watch face activities, launch activities and much more.

This new feature will end the single tap to open the launcher, instead swiping from right to left will open it. According to the document provided by Google the Tap gesture can be used in the following four ways:

Single Tap Gesture (Interactive Watch Face)

A tap can cause a sequence of visual changes, as though the user is cycling through options for their watch face.


A tap could be used to toggle between different states on a watch, such as the weather.


A tap on your watch face could be used to reveal more information, such as a fitness graph.


And lastly, a tap could be used to open a new activity, where the activity would slide in from the right side of the watch face.


So simply put this feature open doors to interactive watch faces, which according to Google has already acquired the help of developers to develop these type of watch faces.


The second major feature to come with the new update is the ability to send messages, stickers, emojis, and doodles to other Android Wear devices. So, watch to watch communication is the next big step for Android Wear watches. Though in this case it seems Apple already has a one up on Android Wear as their Apple watch can send heartbeats and doodles to other Apple Watches.

That is what we have so far on things to come for Android Wear, we will surely keep you updated as soon as more news develops. So, what are your thoughts on interactive watch faces and watch to watch communication? Do let us know in our comments section below.