Pixel C

Google surprised us all when they showed off their new Android Tablet at the event last night. The device is not a Nexus tablet or runs Chrome OS, so it definitely not a Chromebook either.  What it is, is a mixture of both and is called the “Google Pixel C”.

The Pixel C is a 10.2 inch Android tablet with an all aluminum body. The display has an impressive 2560×1800 resolution with 308 ppi which makes it a pretty darn good display for a tablet. Under the hood lies a NVIDIA Tegra X1 64-bit Octa core processor with a 256-core Maxwell GPU and 3GB of RAM. Do not under estimate the graphics power on this device, trust me on that! The tablet runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, making it the first android tablet to do so.

Pixel C

The Google Pixel C comes in two storage options in 32GB and 64GBnd is available for $499 and $599 respectively. At the event it was also mentioned that the Pixel C comes with four microphones for enhanced and accurate voice commands and a USB – C Type connector port. The highlight of the device is the Bluetooth keyboard which gets attached to it magnetically.

Pixel C

The keyboard itself will take you back $149, but those who are willing to get this device will opt for the keyboard as well. The tablet and keyboard are made from the same design architecture and the keyboard looks like a part of the tablet. When attached the tablet can be tilted between 100 and 135 degrees similar to a laptop. The magnets on the device seem to be pretty strong, whichever way you hold it. The keyboard also attaches to the back of the device so that it does not interfere when you want to use the device just as a tablet.

The keyboard uses Bluetooth so obviously it has a battery, the cool part though is the way it charges. It uses an induction technique to charge itself from the tablet (the lid has to be closed).  According to Google the keyboard will last you up to 2 months without the need for charging, but if you close the lid a few times a day, then you will never have to worry about the keyboard running out of battery. Google were pretty proud of their keyboard, and I must say they have a reason to be.