Jason MKX mobile

Who doesn’t like a nice Hack and Slash game this time of the year. Mortal Kombat X mobile has just teased their next challenge tower and who better to haunt the Mortal Kombat world this Halloween than the legendary ice hockey mask wearing, machete wielding killer himself – Jason Voorhees.

Jason MKX Mobile

Normally the people at WB studios, launch new character challenges in sets of 3. So, if Jason is the first then who are the other two? Any guesses? We would not be surprised if any old character comes back with new variant, such the case with Kold War Sonya Blade. Well, we will just have to wait for the update to come. Till then enjoy the next challenge – most probably it is the Ronin Kenshi one (which they had delayed somehow and gave us a 5 day Flaming Fist Liu Kang challenge instead, strange?) If you have not played the game yet, then head over to the Google Play Store and start giving those awesome X-Ray moves!