Black Friday Pakistan

Every year several countries gear up for the biggest shopping day of the year. On the last Friday of every November, over 100 million people make their way over to the shops to avail the enormous discounts that are being offered on anything and everything. While the major sales concentrate on electronics such as TVs, laptops, gaming systems and mobile phones, fashion and beauty are a close second. It’s the ultimate discount day, getting crazier and crazier each year. People can afford what they normally wouldn’t be able to on any other regular day.

Originally starting in America, Black Friday was initiated by a Macy’s during the Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 as it was a slow retail season.  In the later years more and more stores followed suit and offered great discounts as well. The trend soon caught on and massive sales right after thanksgiving became a nationwide sensation, unofficially marking the start to the holiday season. Several countries such as Canada, Germany, India, The UK, Nigeria and Costa Rica have very recently seized the brilliant concept and made this event a worldwide phenomenon. Now, Pakistan has also made it to the party as is bringing this sales day to Pakistan with crazy deal across all categories.

People often wonder why a negative color is associated with a day that brings so many opportunities. Some even associate the term to the financial crisis that was brought on by the stock market crash. However, the real reason for it is the black ink used to represent profits in a balance sheet. Since it’s an endlessly profitable day for buyers and sellers alike, no other term could have represented it better.

Black Friday Pakistan

In recent years, Black Friday is becoming more and more popular online. 42% of all sales on Black Friday comprised online purchases. More and more people are turning to online shopping websites to avail the massive discounts as they are hassle free and just as great if not better.

The induction of this day of inconceivable discounts in Pakistan, a country with millions of web and smartphone users, was inevitable. The leading ecommerce website has taken up this elephant of a task, being the first to bring us the massive Black Friday discounts on technology, clothes, beauty products, you name it. The much awaited sale will hit at 12am on the 27th of November, bringing discounts Pakistan has never seen before. The mobile app, which is the best retail app in the country will also have this mega sales day live on November 27, catering to the customers on the go. A day of insane sales with a problem free shopping experience is the perfect combination! So sit tight and buy everything you want. It’s a steal!