Chinese Smartphone giants Huawei are gearing up for a mega launch event of their flagship device of the year, the Huawei P9. The company has started to roll out invites for an event that’s going to take place in London on April 6th. Even though the P9 has not been mentioned anywhere on the invite, the company has given hints by using a #oo hashtag along with the “Change the way you see the world” tagline which might just indicate the dual camera lens that’s being introduced in the upcoming device.

There are also rumors suggesting that Huawei would also be releasing two other variants of the P9 one being a slightly scaled down version the P9 Lite and a second larger one called the P9 Max. Since these are just rumors at the moment, we will get a confirmation once the device(s) get released on April 6th. Will keep you guys posted if anything pops up in between so till then do stick around d for more. Cheers and hope you all have a great weekend!