Twitter has been making strides recently with a bunch of new tweaks and features that have enhanced the way people have been traditionally using the social media platform. In a recent announcement, the company is said to stop counting photos and links as part of its 140 character limit for a single tweet. This will allow users to add 23 additional characters to their tweets as links currently hog 23 characters even after Twitter automatically shortens them.

There were rumors flying around in the beginning of the year that Twitter would be increasing its character limit from 140 characters to a whopping 10,000 characters but then the company decided not to go with it (or at least put it on a hold) for now as the core beauty of twitter lies in its short text based messages. Twitter’s 140-character limit was originally adopted because it was a way to send Tweets while fitting all the information within a mobile text message, a common way for sending Tweets when the service debuted in 2006, before the rise of the smartphones genre. The new feature is expected to arrive in two weeks so make sure you guys keep your app updated to the latest version. Happy Tweeting!!