There is no denying the fact that Google and innovation go hand in hand. With that said, the world’s largest online search giants have yet again come up with something different this time around as well. The recently concluded Google I/O is an annual platform that showcases what the future (and Google) holds in store for us. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division (ATAP) made a bunch of cool announcements including the much awaited Project Ara (arriving in 2017), Project Soli and Project Jacquard, ATAP’s touch – sensitive fabric project. Speaking at the event, Google’s Technical Program lead Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, who is also currently heading the ATAP division announced a new collaboration with Levi’s to launch their famous Commuter jacket with the new technology built inside.

Levis X Commuter

Using sensors weaved into the fabric, Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket connects to a user’s phone and allows them to interact with it by touching a specific portion of the sleeve. Functions include answering/rejecting calls, as well as integration with services like Spotify, Google Maps and Strava. Google also plans on releasing APIs that will open the gateway for more developers in the future. As far as the jacket’s durability is concerned, Poupyrev says you can handle it like any other jacket; you just need to make sure to remove the Bluetooth chip on the sleeve’s button loop before washing.

Levi’s Commuter X jacket with Project Jacquard is expected to launch their beta this fall while the worldwide launch will be sometime in spring 2017. We’ll keep you guys posted on any further developments. So what do you guys think about this new “smart” fashion apparel? Would it be another addition to your wardrobe?