Playing a guitar has its own charm. For those of you agree with this notion, no further explanation is required and for those who don’t, well no explanation is possible. Through the years and countless generations, the love for this remarkable musical instrument has grown further and further. Guitars come in many different variants that include your ever green acoustic, bass or the bone chilling electric guitar to name a few.


Today we are going to tell you about a new addition to the guitar family which comes with a little touch of smart technology attached to it. Introducing the JamStik+ smart guitar, this is technically a plastic guitar neck with real strings.  Tugging on those strings won’t produce any of that great sound you’re used to on their own, though — you plug this baby into a MIDI interface or your smartphone with the JamStik app for Android and you’re ready to jam away.

The JamStik+ works wirelessly with your devices using Bluetooth. It comes with an interactive guitar lesson app series and works with a multitude of other music apps, so everyone from beginners to pros can just play. The JamStik+ comes with 4 free apps, a guitar strap, 2 guitar picks and a rechargeable battery. Amazon is currently offering the guitar for $299 so those of you who are interested in having a few jamming sessions at your place should grab one today.