With the 2016 Olympic games kicking off in Brazil today, Google have their own unique and fun ways to welcome the global sporting extravaganza. Starting from today, Google have launched a series of fun filled mini games called Google’s “Fruit Games” which appear when users open the Google app on iOS and Android and click on the Google Doodle, are a heptathlon involving running, tennis, hurdles, swimming, golf, water polo and mountain biking.

Google fruit games


Players control different fruits through the courses, and are ranked from one to three stars on completing an event. Several of the games are controlled by tilting the phone: in the mini golf game, for example, adjusting the phone’s angle helps control the direction of the ball.



The games are only playable within Google’s own app, which the company has been keen to promote as the rise of smartphones and digital assistants threatens to limit the number of searches people do a day. We hope you find these fruits as apPEELing as we do so don’t forget to share your cherry impressive results with friends to see who claims the top seed. These games are just a taste of what’s in store, so come back to the Google app throughout the week to catch the featured games of the day.