Prisma Offline
Prisma Offline

Here’s some good news for all you Prisma lovers out there. Prisma which was launched earlier this summer, brought us a new way to process photos with striking filters that turn everyday photos into works of art. The secret behind Prisma is an artificial intelligence algorithm that essentially redraws the picture from scratch in a variety of different styles, including very famous artwork. The only drawback was that it required an internet connection thanks to the algorithm running on Prisma’s servers.

As of today the company is rolling out a new update that lets you process images in offline mode. Initially, only 60% of the filters are currently available in offline mode while the rest would be added by the end of this month. Once the app has been updated, you need to initially download the filters which can then be fully utilized in offline mode. Since the algorithm is slightly CPU intensive, it might take a few seconds for the processing to take place so you will have to be a little patient.

For those of you who have not used Prisma, can download and try the app from the following links.

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