The biggest shopping event of the year is about to go live on 25th November with Yayvo steering this amazing Black Friday sale to possible victory. It’s time for customers to line up and start making a wish list of all their desired items as there will be a massive discount push on Black Friday. Pakistani shoppers can’t let go of this glorious opportunity to shop for crazily low priced items. As this special event has been celebrated on the last Friday of November in the US and other countries, Black Friday will also be celebrated on the same day in Pakistan and the leading online marketplace,, will be offering huge promotional discounts and sales to its customers.


Yayvo will be offering huge discounts on Black Friday event on 25th November. Many deals will be available on branded products but best of all is the 80% discount that will be available for customers through Jazz Cash Mobile Account, Jazz Cash Debit / Credit Card and Jazz Cash Voucher payment. That’s like almost free!! Online shopping has made great progress in Pakistan and with promotional sales events like Black Friday, this number continues to go up even further. From dress shirts to formal wrist watches to electronic products, Yayvo is your one stop destination for online shopping and the place to be at when Black Friday hits us.

Amazing discounts and deals await you so don’t miss it. Of course this goes without saying that one must create an account with Yayvo way before the day itself just to avoid situations where Yayvo might run out of stock. Our customer service agents are available around the clock to make your experience more pleasant. Mark your calendars and start your countdown till 25th November 2016, Black Friday is going to explode in Pakistan and is the place to be at!